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workplace conflict, harassment, violence

There are solutions available to those who are impacted by workplace harassment, bullying, violence or sexual harassment. These insidious forms of workplace behaviour are remarkably common in today’s business environment. Each is against the law.

If you are the victim of such behaviour, it’s essential that you address the problem at the earliest opportunity in order not to become a regular target for any such form of workplace misconduct.

In June 2010, the Ontario legislature passed Bill 168 as part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It provides workplace legislation specifically targeting harassment and violence. Human rights legislation addresses sexual harassment in the workplace.

In order to remain legally compliant, companies have a responsibility to prevent such workplace behaviour and address these issues when they arise. Many workplaces have policies which prohibit such behaviour and codify a complaint procedure.

A lawyer who specializes in employment and labour law may be well positioned to help you identify the key issues and the best path available to solving the problem. At GG&G, we have experience with these issues, acting on behalf of both employers and employees. We know how to recognize the signs of abuse and to guide you toward a safe and expedient solution.

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