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negotiating an effective exit

In many cases, individuals decide that their current workplace is not well-suited to them or the future they want for themselves. The question then becomes how best to extricate themselves from the workplace in a positive and protected manner.

At GG&G, we have the experience to address the issue and your individual situation. We can help ensure that you leave your current workplace in a positive manner and with whatever compensation or benefits are due to you. In the right circumstances, it’s possible to navigate a severance arrangement for your departure that effectively achieves a “win–win” scenario.

The key is to have lawyers at GG&G carefully and comprehensively review and analyze your situation, the personal factors influencing your decision, your timeline and opportunities for your future employment.

We have successfully managed similar departure scenarios with other clients on many, many occasions. The advice we give you will keep you on the high road, and the benefits you gain will be both short and long term.

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