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drafting and reviewing employment agreements or contracts

More and more often, Grosman, Grosman & Gale is being consulted at the outset of the employment relationship to prepare or review employment contracts, agreements or letters, and assist with employment restructuring.

The beginning of the employment relationship can be a critical time for the parties to set out, in writing, the terms that will govern their relationship. Because of the potential consequences of these terms down the road, it is essential that each party enter into the bargain in a fully informed manner. While a written employment agreement can bring certainty and clarity to the relationship, a poorly drafted document can bring confusion, limit rights, or in the worse case, lead to bitter litigation.

At GG&G, we’ve been on both sides of written employment agreements. We appreciate that the measure of a quality employment agreement is not the number of pages in length or the frequency of use of legal terms. Rather, an employment agreement which truly serves the interests of both parties will be simple, straightforward and clear.

At the outset of the relationship, it is typically in the interest of both parties to set out the terms that will govern the relationship and the expectations each has. The employment agreement provides an opportunity for the parties to address compensation, reporting relationships, responsibilities, agree upon what will happen in the event of subsequent termination, and, if appropriate, address the obligations that the employee may have upon departure.

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